Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:34 PM
As the new school year begins, many students are excited to return to their normal routines and reunite with their classmates. For some students at Girard High School, that routine includes being a part of the school's track and field team. A team that is known for their hard work, dedication, and success. To learn more about the upcoming season and the team's strengths and goals, we sat down with Coach Admin Admin, the head coach of Girard High School's track and field team. Coach Admin has been leading the team for over 30 years and has seen his fair share of talented athletes and successful seasons. When asked about the team's goals for this year, he replied, "We always like to try to win our league meet so both our boys and girls will be working toward this goal. We also want to get as many athletes to the state meet as possible and medal as many kids as we can at the state meet." It's clear that the team has high ambitions and is determined to leave their mark this season. On the girls' side, the team has a strong core of returning state qualifiers, including Ainsley Norton, Aiden Sisney, Zoee Montgomery, Claire Stevens, Jeremiah Adolph, and Maggie Niggeman. While on the boys' side, Corbin Owen, Drake Kotzman, Houston Mcgown, Seth Wilson, Mason Adolph, and Gabe Onelio, who all have state meet experience, will lead the team. Additionally, the team has gained a couple of transfers from Arkansas City, Natasha Onelio, and Gabe Onelio, who are expected to strengthen their distance squads. Coach Admin added, "It's just too early to tell what freshmen can make an impact. We will just have to wait and see." When asked about the team's strengths, Coach Admin highlighted experience, selflessness, and leadership ability. However, he also acknowledged that it's still too early to assign these titles to any specific athletes. The team's success is not just based on individual talent but also on their chemistry and teamwork. Coach Admin believes that this chemistry develops through the process of hard work and competition. Speaking of hard work, we asked Coach Admin if some athletes are just naturally gifted or if they are made through training.