Boomer Elmsdale
Sat, February 17, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
As the new season approaches, Coach Jim Ozella of Hart High School's basketball team has high hopes and clear goals for his players. With a mix of returning veterans and promising new players, he aims to improve the team's performance and overall success throughout the year. "Our main goal for this season is to improve as a team and reach our full potential," Coach Ozella shared. "We want to have success in different areas like the Easton Tourney, non-league games, Foothill League, and of course, playoffs." One of the key factors for success according to Coach Ozella is the improvement of the team throughout the season. He believes that consistent growth and progress will ultimately lead to success in different aspects of the game. But what players will contribute to this improvement and success? Among the top returning players are Brayden Jefferis and Troy Cooper. Jefferis, a University of Michigan recruit, has been a four-year starter for Hart High School and is expected to be a standout player this season. Similarly, Cooper, who has committed to Cal Poly SLO, brings his three years of experience as a starter to the team. "These players are special because they have been with the team for a long time and have developed a deep understanding of our system and style of play," Coach Ozella remarked. "Their skills and leadership on and off the court make them essential to the success of our team." Aside from these returning players, Coach Ozella also has high expectations for the new players joining the team this season. "We have a quality group of sophomores and juniors joining our nine seniors," he shared. "They have shown great potential during the offseason and are expected to make an immediate impact on the team." In terms of team captains, Coach Ozella looks for players who possess leadership qualities, have a positive attitude, and are dedicated to the team's success. "Captains have a crucial role in keeping the team motivated and focused throughout the season," he explained. "Currently, we have a few players who are captain material and are battling for that role." Ensuring team chemistry and camaraderie is another essential aspect Coach Ozella focuses on. He plans to mix the new players with the veteran players to build a strong bond and create a cohesive team that can work together efficiently. "Having a good team dynamic contributes significantly to our success on the court," Coach Ozella said.