Boys Volleyball
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 10:02 AM
The KIPP San Jose Collegiate Wolfpack is gearing up for their first season in league play as a new team. Despite this being their second year together, the team has already shown strong signs of chemistry and determination. With their sights set on continuous improvement and growth, this team is ready to take on the competition and make their mark in the league. We had the opportunity to speak with Coach Jason Winters about the team's goals, strengths, and what to expect from them this upcoming season. The Wolfpack's senior captain, Alexander Le, stands out as an all-around great player and leader. Along with him, returning senior player, Mathew Huynh, is known as the team's top setter and clutch playmaker. With these two leading the team, the Wolfpack is sure to have a competitive edge on the court. But the team's talent doesn't stop there. With new addition Ivan Tran Ho, a player with a high IQ and tremendous athletic ability, the Wolfpack is looking to make an immediate impact on the court. Coach Winters has great confidence in this lineup, "Ivan brings a unique set of skills that will really add to our team's performance this year." However, it's not just about raw talent on this team. Captain Alexander Le brings skill, focus, attention to detail, and leadership to the role. As Coach Winters mentions, "Le's leadership is crucial not only on the court, but also in creating a positive team culture that will lead to success." Team chemistry is also a key factor for the Wolfpack, especially as a new team. Last season, the team had great chemistry and this year, they are looking to continue building on that. Coach Winters highlights their out of town game and subsequent beach trip as major bonding experiences for the team. "These trips really brought the players together and helped create strong bonds." In terms of preparation for the season, Coach Winters emphasizes on focusing on skill building and implementing a plan in practice. This allows the team to showcase their best performance on the court. However, shared gym time poses a challenge for the team. Being a charter school, the Wolfpack shares their gym with multiple teams, making it difficult to get in sufficient practice time during the season. Despite this obstacle, Coach Winters and the team remain determined and dedicated to putting in their best effort every time they step on the court.