Boys Volleyball
National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 13:27 PM
As the new season approaches, excitement is building for the KIPP San Jose Collegiate Wolfpack boys' volleyball team. After establishing the team just last year, this will be their first season in league play. We spoke with Coach Jason Winters to get a preview of what we can expect from the team this year. When asked about his team's goals for the season, Coach Winters stressed the importance of improvement and growth as a team. He believes that success is not only measured by wins and losses, but also by the progress made on and off the court. The main focus for the Wolfpack this year is to give their best effort in each game and win every time they step on the court. One player to watch out for this season is senior and returning captain, Alexander Le. Coach Winters describes him as an "all-around great player and leader" who brings skill, focus, attention to detail, and leadership to the team. Le's presence on the court will surely be felt by his teammates and opponents alike. Another key player for the Wolfpack is Mathew Huynh, also a senior, who is known for his skills as a setter and clutch playmaker. Huynh's ability to set up scoring opportunities for his teammates will be crucial to the team's success this season. Ivan Tran Ho, a newcomer to the team, is also expected to make a significant impact. Coach Winters praises his high IQ and tremendous athletic ability, which will surely be an asset to the team. Team chemistry is also a strength for the Wolfpack. As a new team last year, they were able to establish strong bonds through a game out of town and a subsequent beach trip. Coach Winters believes that this will continue to be a driving force for their success. When it comes to preparing the team for the season, Coach Winters focuses on skill building and implementing a strategic plan during practice. He believes that this is the best way to showcase the team's strengths and play their best on the court. However, one challenge that the Wolfpack faces is shared gym time. Being a charter school, they share their gym with multiple teams, making it difficult to get enough practice time during the season. But Coach Winters and his team remain determined and will make do with the time they have in the gym. Looking at their opponents, Coach Winters believes that the toughest one is always the next one they face.