Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 04:02 AM
As the KIPP San Jose Collegiate's men's volleyball team prepares for their first season in league play, Coach Jason Winters is focused on growth, improvement, and winning each time they take the court. With a mix of returning players and promising new additions, the team is building on their strengths and working to improve their weaknesses. One of the key goals for the team this season is to establish a strong team culture and chemistry. This was evident last year when the team, despite being a new unit, quickly bonded and built strong relationships. To continue this camaraderie, the team has planned a game out of town and a beach trip to foster stronger bonds among teammates. When asked about his coaching philosophy, Coach Winters emphasized the importance of giving 100% on every play. He believes that this mindset will not only lead to individual success, but also team success. In order to motivate his players to push themselves to their full potential, Coach Winters focuses on skill building and creating a solid plan for practices. As for the team's strengths, Coach Winters pointed to their team culture, hitting, and coverage. These are areas that the team will continue to build upon and use to their advantage in games. On the other hand, the team's weaknesses include serving and stamina. To improve in these areas, the team has implemented new training and conditioning programs to work on their endurance and serving skills. One of the biggest challenges the team faces is shared gym time due to being a charter school. However, Coach Winters believes that this obstacle will only make the team stronger and more resilient. He also noted that their toughest opponent this season is always their next opponent, emphasizing the importance of taking each game one at a time. In terms of team leadership, Alexander Le, a senior and returning captain, brings a unique combination of skill and leadership to the team. He is joined by Mathew Huynh, another senior who is a top setter and a clutch playmaker. Coach Winters also sees potential in Ivan Tran Ho, a new player with a high IQ and tremendous athletic ability, who he believes will make an immediate impact on the team. When asked about his coaching style, Coach Winters stated that it has not changed from previous seasons. He continues to prioritize skill building and creating a winning mindset within his players. In addition, the mental aspect of the game is also crucial for the team's success.