National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 13:59 PM
As the spring season approaches, the La Canada High School's track team is gearing up for an exciting year with a combination of returning stars and promising new talent. After speaking with Coach Eddie Escandon, it's clear that this year's team is a well-rounded and motivated group, ready to take on the challenges ahead. The team's top returning athletes are Ashley Mendoza, Sariyah Butler, Samantha Ayala, and Jennifer Velasco. Ashley Mendoza is a versatile athlete who excels in multiple events, making her an all-around asset to the team. Sariyah Butler and Samantha Ayala are both strong sprinters who have consistently shown their speed and skill on the track. Coach Escandon also highlights Jennifer Velasco as someone to watch out for in the 400 meters, expecting her to be highly competitive this year. With these returning athletes leading the way, the team has a solid foundation to build upon. However, the team is also adding some impressive new talent to the mix. One standout is Naomi Papaqui, who may be new to track, but not to running. Having competed in Cross Country for the past three years, Coach Escandon has high expectations for her in the distance events. In addition, Yvette Alvarado, a basketball player, will be transferring her speed from the court to the track. And according to the coach, Paulina Vidriales is sure to score points for the team in the field events. With these new additions, the team's strength and depth are sure to increase. When it comes to leadership, Coach Escandon has set a high standard for his captains. He expects them to not only excel on the track but also in the classroom. His team captains this year, Jennifer Velasco and Naomi Papaqui, are both individuals who are respected by their peers, teachers, and teammates. They are true leaders, both on and off the track, setting an example for others to follow. But it's not just about performance on the track for Coach Escandon – it's about building a strong team dynamic. He plans to incorporate more team outings this year, such as trips to the beach or group breakfasts after Saturday morning practice. By fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging among the athletes, Coach Escandon hopes to create a supportive and motivating environment for all team members, particularly the freshmen who may be new to the team.