Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 22, 2024 at 01:02 AM . California
The start of a new track season at La Quinta High School brings a fresh sense of excitement and determination for the team and their dedicated coach, Brian Ansley. As the head coach of both the boys and girls track teams, Coach Ansley has high expectations for the upcoming season. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the La Quinta High School track team, their goals, key players, challenges, and strategies for success. Coach Ansley's number one goal every season is to win the league title for both the boys and girls teams. This goal is a testament to the coach's dedication to his team and their success. In order to achieve this goal, he focuses on building a strong team dynamic, fostering a culture of hard work and leadership, and implementing effective strategies. One of the key players from last season's team is Martin Torres, a distance specialist and the returning DEL Champion in four events. On the girls' side, Jaelene Ramos is a standout in sprints, while the team also has a group of talented distance runners. These returning players bring experience, skill, and leadership to the team, making them essential for achieving this year's goals. Along with the returning athletes, Coach Ansley is also excited about the potential impact of new team member Tye Murga. Murga, although an early "rookie," has already proven himself as a valuable addition to the varsity throws lineup. In addition to physical abilities, Coach Ansley looks for strong leadership skills in potential team captains. However, he also believes that every member of the team should act as a captain and contribute to the team's success. This mentality of working together and supporting each other is crucial in building a strong team chemistry and camaraderie. To motivate his players to push themselves to their full potential, Coach Ansley points to the team's history of success. By highlighting the past accomplishments of the La Quinta High School track team, he instills a sense of pride and motivation in his players. Understanding that they are part of a successful program and wanting to continue its legacy, the athletes strive to give their best efforts every time they step on the track. Despite their past success, every season brings new challenges. For Coach Ansley, the biggest challenge is getting the large group of rookies to understand the key elements that lead to success in their program.