Boys Volleyball
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 05:02 AM
As the start of a new high school volleyball season approaches, the team at La Serna High School is gearing up for an exciting year. We caught up with Coach Miguel Galindo to get a preview of the team and their goals for this season. With a strong focus on teamwork, leadership, and positivity, Coach Galindo is looking to develop not only successful volleyball players, but also champions for life. The first question on everyone's mind is always the team's goals. Coach Galindo shared that their "big goals" for this season are to win a League Title and the CIF Championship. He emphasizes the importance of dreaming big and maintaining a winning mindset throughout the season in order to achieve these goals. The team is led by seniors and captains Michael Lopez, Aidan Leonardo, and Maddox Mayorga. Lopez, an explosive 6-rotation outside hitter, brings power to the team's offense. Leonardo, also a senior outside hitter, is a natural athlete who adds a lot to the team's offense. Mayorga, the team's libero and leader both on and off the court, keeps the defense intact and is known for his hard work and determination. Coach Galindo is proud to have these three players as captains, noting that they compliment each other and keep the team motivated. Another standout player this year is senior Jayden Northrup, who is playing volleyball for the first time. Standing at 6'3" or 6'4", Northrup's athleticism is impressive and Coach Galindo is excited to see how he develops throughout the season. He brings a massive block, decent hands, and an ability to bounce the 10-foot line. When it comes to leadership, Coach Galindo looks for players who can not only be vocal on the court, but also lead by example off the court. He saw this immediately in Lopez and Mayorga, who made a great impression on him from day one. They are always asking for extra work, taking private lessons, and playing club volleyball. Coach Galindo believes that their hard work and open-mindedness make them natural leaders on the team. But leadership isn't just about being vocal, it's also about keeping the team's energy and positivity up. Coach Galindo emphasizes the importance of staying hyped during crucial moments and pushing each other to work hard and hold each other accountable. He hopes to create fun cheers to keep the team fired up after every play.