California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 15:18 PM
As the excitement builds for the upcoming volleyball season, the La Serna High School team is gearing up for their biggest goals yet. With their eyes set on winning a league title and CIF championship, the team is determined to work hard and maintain a winning mindset. Leading the team are a group of top returning players from last season, who bring a unique set of skills to the court. Captain Michael Lopez, a powerful 6 rotation outside hitter, brings explosive energy to the offense. Aidan Leonardo, also a senior outside hitter, is a natural athlete and a valuable asset to the team. Maddox Mayorga, the team's libero and another captain, is a leader both on and off the court, setting an example for his teammates with his hard work and dedication. Additionally, setter Jonas Peery brings a strong tactical understanding to the team and ensures smooth execution of their offense. While these returning players are expected to make a significant impact on the team's success, there are also new players who Coach Admin Admin believes will make an immediate impact. Jayden Northrup, a senior and first-time volleyball player, stands at 6'3" and brings a massive block and impressive timing to the team. Coach Admin Admin is excited to see how Northrup will develop and contribute to the team throughout the season. In terms of leadership, Coach Admin Admin looks for players who not only excel on the court but also possess qualities that make them role models off the court. This season, Lopez and Mayorga were named captains for their impressive work ethic, respect towards their coaches and teammates, and their ability to be the voice of the team. As the team prepares for the season, one of their key focuses will be building chemistry and camaraderie among the players. Coach Admin Admin understands the importance of keeping the team hyped and energized, especially during crucial moments of the game. Through hard work, pushing each other, and holding one another accountable, he hopes to create a strong bond among the team members that will lead to success on the court. Motivating players to push themselves to their full potential is also a vital aspect of Coach Admin Admin's coaching philosophy. He believes that positivity is the key to unleashing a player's full potential, and he encourages his players to focus on self-correcting their mistakes during practice and maintaining a positive mindset. This positive reinforcement helps the players develop confidence and prepares them for game day. Preparing for the season has not been without its challenges, particularly