Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
The La Serna High School boys' volleyball team is gearing up for an exciting and promising season under the guidance of Coach Miguel Galindo. With a strong focus on teamwork, dedication, and character-building, the team is confident in their ability to achieve their goals of winning a League Title and the CIF championship. Coach Galindo's philosophy of dreaming big, working hard, and maintaining a winning mindset sets the tone for the team's season. He understands the importance of setting high goals and pushing oneself to reach their full potential. This mindset will be the key to the team's success. The team's top returning players, Michael Lopez, Aidan Leonardo, Maddox Mayorga, and Jonas Peery, are all standout individuals who bring a unique set of skills and leadership qualities to the team. Not only are they talented on the court, but they also possess exemplary character off the court. Together, they form a strong and cohesive team. One new player to watch this season is Jayden Northrup, who brings athleticism and a strong block to the team. Despite being new to the sport, Northrup shows great potential and will make an immediate impact on the team. The team's captains, Michael Lopez and Maddox Mayorga, embody the qualities that Coach Galindo looks for in potential leaders. They are hardworking, respectful, and always pushing themselves to be better. Other players are also battling for the captain's role, displaying the team's overall drive and determination to succeed. In order to foster team chemistry and camaraderie, Coach Galindo plans on keeping the players energized and motivated. He believes that a positive and fun environment will help the team work harder and hold each other accountable. This positive attitude is also crucial in motivating players to reach their full potential. Coach Galindo understands the importance of building a strong mental game for his players. He encourages positivity and self-correction, which will help the players to bounce back from mistakes and stay focused on their goals. As Coach Galindo states, "positive mindsets unleash full potential," and this will be key in helping the team succeed. The biggest challenge in preparing for the season has been getting all the multi-sport athletes in the gym together. However, Coach Galindo has worked hard to ensure that everyone is on the same page and ready to give their best on the court.