Boomer Elmsdale
Mon, February 19, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
As the new season approaches, the Leuzinger High School softball team is ready to compete for the top spot in their league. Head coach Martin Jones has been working hard to prepare his team and has high hopes for their success this year. In this preview article, I had the pleasure of speaking with Coach Jones about his goals, players, and strategies for the upcoming season. Overall, Coach Jones' goals for the team this season are to continue the growth that has occurred over the past several years and to win their league. To accomplish this, he believes that commitment is key – commitment to each other, to the coaches, and to the entire team. Coach Jones emphasizes the importance of accountability and believes that this will be a major factor in the team's success this season. When asked about the top returning players from last season, Coach Jones immediately highlighted shortstop Emily Gamboa and starting pitcher Magaly Guillermo. Both players have been key contributors to the team and have the potential to play at the college level. Gamboa is described as the "heart and soul" of the team, while Guillermo is the ace and closer of the pitching staff. According to Coach Jones, Guillermo's performance on the mound will be crucial to the team's success this season. Coach Jones also has high expectations for junior third baseman Tyler Lewis, who he believes will make an immediate impact on the team. Lewis is known for her strong hitting and has the potential to play at the next level. Her addition to the team will add depth and strength to the lineup. In terms of team captains, Coach Jones looks for players who embody the qualities of the school's motto "Olympian's Pride." This year's captains – Mya Lopez, Emily Gamboa, and Tyler Lewis – have all shown dedication and leadership on and off the field. Coach Jones sees them as extensions of the coaching staff and trusts in their ability to lead the team to success. To promote team chemistry and camaraderie, Coach Jones has implemented a new approach to practices this season. He allows the team to have more input and decision-making power, including choosing the time and what to work on during practices. He also encourages team bonding functions to create a strong bond among the players. According to Coach Jones, team chemistry can make a significant difference in game performance. In terms of motivation, Coach Jones brings in the perspective of life lessons and the importance of being part of a team.