California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 12:00 PM
As the Lincoln High School Track and Field team gears up for their upcoming season, excitement and anticipation fill the air. With a talented group of returning players and promising newcomers, Coach Admin Admin has high hopes for the team this year. In this preview article, we take a closer look at the goals, players, challenges, and strategies that will shape the Fighting Zebras' season. Goals and Key to Success The team's main goal for the season is to win a league championship and develop their athletes both on and off the track. Coach Admin Admin is looking for 6 individual league champions, 12 athletes to move on to Sections, 4 to Masters, and 1-2 to the State meet. To achieve these goals, the team will need to focus on hard work, good health, positive attitudes, and strong mental fortitude. The season can be a challenging grind, but those who can stay focused and positive will have a better chance of success. Top Returning Players The Fighting Zebras have a strong group of returning players from last season, including all of their defending League Champions except for their 400m Champion. Mallory Kuehl, Maya Hodge, Mateo Biagi, Autumn LaMontagne, and Josiah Morales are all back and ready to defend their titles. Coach Admin Admin praises their hard work and dedication, as well as their commitment to the team and its culture. These players are not just talented on the field, but also great role models and mentors for their teammates. New Players to Watch While there are no specific new players to watch, Coach Admin Admin is excited to see the continued development of some key athletes. This includes Josiah Morales in the 110H/300H, Daniel Dern in the 400m, Katelyn Lauderdale in the discus/shot put, and Kaylee Jensen in the 800m. The team also expects an influx of eager and competitive freshman boys and girls to add depth to the team. Qualities of Team Captains Being a team captain at Lincoln High School is a big responsibility, and Coach Admin Admin looks for leaders who not only understand the team's culture but also possess selflessness and a strong work ethic. Captains are in charge of setting the tone for the team, inspiring and mentoring younger players, and creating a positive and supportive environment. This year's captains are Mallory Kuehl, Katelyn Lauderdale, Autumn LaMontagne, Jessie Smith, and Cameron