Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 06:02 AM
Coach Dan Friese has a clear and ambitious goal for the Lincoln High School Track and Field team this season: to win a league championship and develop their athletes on and off the track. With a strong group of returning champions and a group of dedicated and hard-working athletes, he believes they have what it takes to achieve their goals. One of the biggest strengths of this year's team, according to Coach Friese, is their returning champions from last season. Mallory Kuehl, Maya Hodge, Mateo Biagi, Autumn LaMontagne, and others are back, all of whom exemplify what it means to be a Fighting Zebras track and field athlete. They are hard-workers, perfectionists, and great teammates who are fully invested in the team's culture. Coach Friese is also excited to see the continued development of students like Josiah Morales, Daniel Dern, Katelyn Lauderdale, and Kaylee Jensen. He believes they all have the potential to make great strides this season. Additionally, he expects a group of hungry and eager freshmen to provide more competition in practices and meets. The team's captains play a key role in the overall success and development of the athletes. They are responsible for setting the tone, inspiring and mentoring underclassmen, and making the season special. The returning captains this year are Mallory Kuehl, Katelyn Lauderdale, Autumn LaMontagne, Jessie Smith, and Cameron Dunlap, with 1-2 more spots to fill. Coach Friese believes they are all selfless individuals who embody the team's culture. When asked about the team's culture, Coach Friese believes it starts with the coaches. They all get along and have a shared vision for the program. The most important thing they stress is family. The athletes always have someone there to support them, no matter what. The coaches are honest and upfront, and they keep a positive outlook on things, no matter how tough. The captains play a crucial role in mentoring and modeling for the rest of the team, and they make sure that everyone feels included and supported. Communication is important in any successful team, and Coach Friese believes in being open and direct with his athletes. He wants them to know that he genuinely cares and will be there to celebrate their successes and support them through difficulties. The current pandemic has presented some challenges for the team, and Coach Friese is unsure of their overall numbers this season.