Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 01:02 AM
A Preview of Los Gatos High School's Swimming and Diving Team for the 2022 Season with Coach Jim Deming As the 2022 swimming and diving season kicks off, the Los Gatos High School team is ready to make a splash. With a strong group of returning players and talented new additions, Coach Jim Deming has set high goals for the team this year. In an exclusive interview, he shares his thoughts on the team's goals, strengths, and challenges for the upcoming season. Coach Deming's overall goal for the team this year is for everyone to achieve personal best times. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team and coaching staff. He believes that success is not just about winning, but about pushing oneself to be the best they can be. This goal sets the tone for the team's season, motivating them to constantly improve and excel in their performances. One of the team's strengths this season is the large group of senior athletes, with 30 returning players. Additionally, there are 35 returning varsity swimmers, including 12 who were competitors in the CCS Championships last year and 4 who competed in the CIF State Championships. These experienced athletes bring leadership, skill, and determination to the team. They will be essential in setting the tone for the rest of the players and leading the team to success. While the returning players have already proven themselves, Coach Deming is also excited about the three freshmen who have been placed on the varsity team based on their impressive time trial times. He expects them to make an immediate impact on the team, contributing to individual events and relays. Their addition to the team will enhance the depth and strength of the squad. One crucial aspect of a successful team is strong team chemistry and camaraderie. Coach Deming understands the importance of this and plans to implement various team-building activities to foster a sense of unity and teamwork. This will be essential in helping the team work together and support each other in reaching their goals. As a coach, one of Coach Deming's main challenges has been preparing the team for the season. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there have been many obstacles and uncertainties. However, he and his coaching staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the team is physically and mentally ready for the challenges ahead. They have adapted their training and conditioning programs to comply with safety protocols while still providing an effective and rigorous training program for the athletes.