Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 06:02 AM
As the season approaches, all eyes are on the Los Osos baseball team. With an overall goal of winning a Baseline League Championship, the team is determined to prove that they have the talent and drive to achieve this feat. I had the privilege to sit down with Coach Travis Kelly and gain insight into the team's mindset, players to watch out for, and their expectations for the upcoming season. When asked about their overall goal for this season, Coach Kelly wasted no time and confidently stated, "Our overall goal is to win a Baseline League Championship. It has been a while since Los Osos was on top and we feel we have a team that can accomplish that task." This statement alone speaks volumes about the team's determination and drive to succeed. But what are the keys to success for the Los Osos team this year? Coach Kelly emphasizes the importance of playing as a team, stating, "Our keys to success are going to be playing as a team. Taking selfish at bats, or innings on the mound out and trusting our teammates." This team-first mentality is crucial in any sport, but especially in baseball where teamwork and communication are paramount to success. As for players to watch out for, Coach Kelly highlighted a group of talented athletes who will be returning this season. He listed Wyatt Mohler, Justin Yeutter, Roberto Topete, Reagan Samples, Aidan Cube, Jeremiah Jacobo, Hunter Meyer, Mason Overacker, and Austin Ziello (although currently injured) as the top returning players who had "stellar years" last year. With a strong core group of players, the team is well-equipped to lead their team to victory. In addition to the returning players, Coach Kelly had high praise for a young player on the team, Gavin Loeb-Keene. Describing him as a "young RHP who earned his starting role this year," Coach Kelly believes sky is the limit for this talented player. Keep an eye out for Loeb-Keene as he continues to make an impact on the team. Aside from their individual talent, the team's strong work ethic and competitive nature will also be crucial to their success this season. Coach Kelly stressed the importance of competition in everything they do. He stated, "We compete in everything we do. Foul balls, clean up after practice, to our positions, etc. Competition breeds excellence." This mentality of constantly pushing each other to be better will undoubtedly pay off when it comes time for game day.