National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 15:44 PM
Spring is finally upon us and for the Los Osos baseball team, that means it’s time to hit the diamond and start preparing for the highly anticipated season. With a strong group of returning players and a determined mindset, the team is looking to make a statement and bring home a Baseline League Championship for the first time in years. Coach Travis Kelly sat down with us to discuss the team’s goals, strengths, and challenges for the upcoming season. “Our overall goal is to win a Baseline League Championship. It has been a while since Los Osos was on top and we feel we have a team that can accomplish that task,” says Coach Kelly. And indeed, the team is stacked with talent and determination. With their sights set on the ultimate prize, the team understands that success will come from playing as a unit. “Our keys to success is going to be playing as a team. Taking selfish at bats, or innings on the mound out and trusting our teammates. If we play as a unit, not many teams I think can beat us,” Coach Kelly explains. This mentality will be crucial in their pursuit of the championship and will require each player to put aside individual goals for the greater good of the team. As for the top returning players, Coach Kelly hardly has to think before listing off a formidable list of names. Wyatt Mohler, Justin Yeutter, Roberto Topete, Reagan Samples, Aidan Cube, Jeremiah Jacobo, Hunter Meyer, Mason Overacker, and Austin Ziello (currently injured) are all expected to make a significant impact on the team this year. With stellar performances last season, these young men are essential for the team’s success and will serve as leaders on and off the field. But it’s not just the returning players that make up this promising team. Coach Kelly also highlights the potential of young right-handed pitcher, Gavin Loeb-Keene. “Sky is the limit with this young man,” he enthuses. As a key member of the pitching rotation, Loeb-Keene is expected to make a significant contribution to the team’s success this year. The Los Osos baseball team’s success isn’t just based on talent alone. Coach Kelly emphasizes the importance of competition in every aspect of the game for the team. “We compete in everything we do. Foul balls, clean up after practice, to our positions, etc. Competition breeds excellence,” he explains.