Boomer Elmsdale
Sat, February 17, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
As Los Osos High School gears up for their baseball season, the team and their coach, Travis Kelly, have high hopes for the upcoming year. After a long hiatus from winning a Baseline League Championship, the team is determined to come out on top this season. In an exclusive interview with Coach Kelly, he shared his overall goals, key players, challenges, and strategies for the team's success this year. Coach Kelly's main focus for the team this season is to win a Baseline League Championship. He believes that the key to achieving this goal is by playing as a unit and trusting their teammates. Selfless play and strong teamwork will be crucial for the team's success. A victory would not only mean a championship, but also a sense of pride and accomplishment for the team. When asked about the top returning players from last season, Coach Kelly named a strong lineup of players who had stellar years last year - Wyatt Mohler, Justin Yeutter, Roberto Topete, Reagan Samples, Aidan Cube, Jeremiah Jacobo, Hunter Meyer, Mason Overacker, and Austin Ziello (currently injured). These players will be key leaders for the team and Coach Kelly expects big things from them this season. In terms of new players, Coach Kelly has high expectations for Gavin Loeb-Keene. The young RHP has earned his starting role this year and Coach Kelly believes that he has a lot of potential to make an immediate impact on the team. With hard work and dedication, the sky is the limit for Loeb-Keene. When it comes to selecting team captains, Coach Kelly looks for players with strong leadership qualities, both on and off the field. These players must be able to motivate and inspire their teammates to work towards a common goal. Currently, the team captains are still being determined, but there are several players who are battling for the coveted role. Team chemistry and camaraderie are important aspects of any successful team. Coach Kelly believes that competition breeds excellence and therefore, the team competes in everything they do - from foul balls to cleaning up after practice. This helps to create a sense of unity and motivation amongst the players. Motivating players to reach their full potential can be a challenge for any coach. For Coach Kelly, it's all about teaching and helping the players with the mental side of the game rather than using discipline or yelling when mistakes are made.