Boys volleyball
National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 14:48 PM
Los Osos High School Boys Volleyball Team: A Journey of Growth and Resilience As the new season approaches, the Los Osos High School Boys Volleyball Team is ready to take on new challenges and make their mark in the league. Last year, they were seen as a new and inexperienced program, but this year, they are determined to show their opponents that they have what it takes to compete at a high level. I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Mainor Ramos about his team and here’s what he had to say. When asked about the top player on the team, Coach Ramos proudly mentioned Josiah Blackwell, a 6’4 sophomore who plays in the middle position. Coach Ramos describes Josiah as someone who is dedicated, competitive, and has a strong desire to see his teammates succeed. He leads by example, putting in hard work day in and day out, and is committed to giving his best on and off the court. As a new program, the team is also counting on a young freshman, Aidan Gross, to step up and fill the crucial role of Libero. Coach Ramos believes that he has what it takes to make a significant impact on the team this year. Leadership is an essential aspect of any team, and Coach Ramos has high expectations for his captains. He believes that they should not only lead but also act as mentors for their teammates. He wants his captains to be level-headed during games and have a passion for the sport both on and off the court. With this kind of leadership, Coach Ramos hopes that his team will continue to build strong team chemistry. Speaking of team chemistry, Coach Ramos acknowledges that it can be a challenge to build this with a new program. However, he believes that with the level of volleyball knowledge and experience that his players have gained from playing club volleyball, they have a good chance of showcasing their skills and potential to other teams in the league. One of Coach Ramos’ roles as a coach is to support his players, both in their successes and their mistakes. He emphasizes the importance of being there for his team, letting them know that he sees and appreciates their efforts. This kind of support gives his players the confidence to make the big plays and to keep moving forward, even in moments of struggle. The team’s biggest challenge this year has been shaking off the title of being a new program.