California News Admin
Mon, February 5, 2024 at 18:29 PM
As the upcoming basketball season approaches, the Lynbook High School girls’ basketball team and their coach, Lynley Takaki, are preparing to take on their opponents with determination and a growth mindset. With a strong foundation of returning players and promising new additions, Coach Takaki has set clear goals for the team and identified the keys to success. Coach Takaki’s main goal for the team this season is continuous improvement and securing a spot in the CCS playoffs. This shows the team’s determination to push themselves and reach their full potential on the court. To achieve this, the team will need to trust the process, each other, and bring positive energy to their practices and games. This mindset will not only help them work together effectively, but also instill confidence and a winning attitude. Looking at the top returning players, the team will have great leadership and talent to rely on. Senior #5 Maggie Lam brings versatile skills to the court, as she is able to handle the ball and play in the post. Standing at 5’8”, she often has to defend taller players, but her tenacity and skill make her stand out. Over the off-season, she has also improved her midrange game, making her a valuable asset to the team. Junior #23 Alice Wu may be unassuming, but she is known as the team’s best slasher. Her ability to drive to the hoop and finish with crafty moves impresses both coaches and teammates alike. Aside from her offensive skills, Alice is also a strong defender, able to keep up with quick opponents. Her all-around talent makes her an essential player for the team. Excitingly, the team also has three new players who have already shown promise and will make an immediate impact. Sophomore #11 Kate Nagareda is described as a “spark plug” and brings much-needed energy to the team. Her positive attitude and determination are contagious, and she is expected to be a valuable contributor both on and off the court. Another sophomore, #12 Meena Yarlagadda, will bring depth to the post position. As the team has had a shortage of post players, Meena’s high basketball IQ and ability to fill this role will be crucial. She has the potential to surprise her opponents and become an important player for the team. The youngest addition to the team, freshman #15 Charisse Chao, has already impressed with her calmness on the court. Her composure and ability to handle pressure situations