Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 04:03 AM . California
As the basketball season kicks off at Lynbrook High School, the team has set their sights on continuously improving and making it to the CCS playoffs. Led by Coach Lynley Takaki, the team is determined to trust the process, each other, and bring energy to each day. In this exclusive interview, Coach Takaki gives us a preview of the team's goals, returning and new players, challenges, and more. With their main goal being to qualify for the CCS playoffs, the team's key to success is continuously improving throughout the season. This means trusting in the process, trusting in each other, and bringing energy and positivity every day. With a mindset like this, it's no wonder why the team has achieved success in the past and is looking to do the same this season. When asked about the top returning players, Coach Takaki mentions #5 Maggie Lam and #23 Alice Wu. Both players bring something special to the team with their skills and qualities. Maggie, a versatile player, can handle the ball and play with her back to the basket, and has improved her midrange game in the offseason. Meanwhile, Alice may be unassuming, but she is the team's best slasher and can keep up with even the quickest players on defense. In terms of new players making an impact, Coach Takaki has high hopes for all three of them. #11 Kate Nagareda, #12 Meena Yarlagadda, and #15 Charisse Chao all bring something different to the team. Kate is a spark plug and brings immediate energy, Meena fills in the much-needed post position and has a high basketball IQ, and Charisse, a freshman, already has a calmness about her game unlike most at her age. It's refreshing to see such talented newcomers joining the team, and their skills will undoubtedly contribute to the team's success. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Takaki looks for players who possess qualities such as leadership, trust, and a positive attitude. This season, #5 Maggie Lam has been selected as team captain, and she has proven herself to be a great leader on and off the court. To build team chemistry and camaraderie, Coach Takaki takes advantage of their small team and makes sure everyone is on the same page continuously. She also incorporates fun challenges and team parties throughout the season, allowing the players to bond and get to know each other.