Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 07:03 AM . California
Making Waves Academy, nestled in Richmond, California, has been making waves of its own since its establishment in 2007. The goal? To serve up top-notch education to folks in the Bay Area who might not always get a fair shake. But it's not just about hitting the books here; they're all about molding future leaders with character and gumption. And let's not forget about sports – basketball, in particular, where these kids have been shooting for the stars. We caught up with Coach George Phillips to get the lowdown on what's cooking with the basketball squad at Making Waves Academy. "Last year was a real eye-opener for our team," Coach Phillips begins. "We had a bunch of fresh faces and rookies in the mix, so it took us a hot minute to find our groove. But once we did, boy, did we soar!" With a proud grin, he tells us they wrapped up the season with a solid 17-7 record and even punched their ticket to the division playoffs – not too shabby for a crew finding their footing. "We had some real standout players carrying the torch for us," he adds, "and we're aiming to keep that flame burning bright this year." Now, onto the nitty-gritty. What hurdles did they have to leap over? "Team chemistry was our biggie," Coach admits. "We had kids coming from all walks of life, different schools – you name it. So, getting everyone on the same page was a bit like herding cats." But these boys weren't about to throw in the towel. Coach Phillips rallied them with team-building shindigs and extra practices to get them clicking. And let's not forget about those nail-biting moments when the pressure was on. "We've had our fair share of sweat-inducing games," he chuckles. "But hey, those heart-pounders toughen you up." Now, onto the juicy stuff – how are they gearing up for the big show? "Oh, we've been hitting the grindstone hard," Coach Phillips replies with a glint in his eye. "Summer camps, tournaments – you name it, we've been there." And let's not forget the sweat sessions they've been putting in like champs. With a mix of old hands and fresh blood, the focus has been on weaving them into one tight-knit unit. "Chemistry's key, my friend," Coach Phillips nods sagely. "We've also been fine-tuning our game plan to handle those squeaky bum moments better." But who are the MVPs we need to keep an eye on? "Ah, now that's the million-dollar question," Coach Phillips grins. "First up, we've got our main man, John Smith. Senior year, and he's been leading the charge since he was knee-high to a grasshopper."