Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 07:02 AM
As the new season approaches, excitement and anticipation are building for the Marina High School baseball team. After an impressive record last year, the team has set their sights on improving and achieving even greater success this year. Coach Andrew Bynum has high expectations for the team, focusing on execution, energy, focus and grit. These qualities will be essential in achieving their goal of winning the league and improving on last year's record. Junior Nick Murrey is a key player to watch this season. As a 2nd team all-league selection, he has experience on both the mound and at bat. He has shown his ability to throw all pitches for strikes and has even reached 88 mph in the Fall. Along with his strong pitching skills, Murrey is also a solid hitter, making him a valuable two-way player for the team. Tate Morris, a junior, is another player with experience on the mound. Coming off a successful summer and fall, he has continued to grow as a player and has shown leadership qualities with his "bulldog mentality." Like Murrey, Morris has also been recorded throwing up to 88 mph in the Fall. Senior Josh Mizoguchi is currently competing in CIF basketball, but is expected to have a big impact on the team when he joins the lineup. Mizoguchi earned 2nd team all-league honors last season and his transfer from Cypress High School adds excitement and depth to the team. Cash Thompson, another senior, is a strong player both behind the plate and with the bat. As a 2nd team all-league selection, he will be leading the pitching staff and utilizing his impressive bat to ball skills. Quinn Hartman, a senior and CalTech baseball and soccer commit, brings a strong and versatile skill set to the team. With excellent outfield coverage and impressive hitting ability, Hartman is expected to make a significant impact this spring. Sophomore Liam Haynes has shown great potential on the mound and has proven to be a solid defender and hitter. He is expected to have a significant role on the team in both pitching and fielding. Logan Thurman, a senior, had to play JV last season due to a transfer from Kennedy High School. However, he is expected to have a strong presence in the lineup with his ability to drive the ball to all fields. Coach Bynum emphasizes the importance of leading by example, being confident, vocal, and determined.