Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 23, 2024 at 05:02 AM . California
So you're giving you go at the classroom and. When you want to watch the national soccer, you wanna get out there and get your players in the game my advice would be to miss the moment and loud. Celebrate these girls and the work they put in. Cheer them on from the student sections, from the sidelines and let them know their hard work is appreciated and recognized. Coach Alexis Longinotti is gearing up for another exciting season with the Menlo-Atherton High School girls' soccer team. As one of the most competitive leagues in Northern California, the team has high goals and expectations for the upcoming season. However, above all else, Coach Longinotti emphasizes that their main goal is to have fun and grow together as a team. With a mix of experienced players and a large number of new players, Coach Longinotti's main focus is to bring everyone together and elevate the team's level of play. For the JV team, they aim to level up all the new players so they can become competitive and contribute to the team's success. As for the varsity team, they are looking to bring in some of the best players from the competitive league to strengthen their roster. When asked about the keys to success for the team, Coach Longinotti highlights the importance of fitness. After struggling with fitness levels last season, the team is focused on getting back to top shape and staying on top of their fitness throughout the season. Additionally, communication and chemistry on and off the field are also crucial factors for success. Coach Longinotti ensures that the team is constantly working on their communication and understanding of each other's roles. The team's chemistry and camaraderie are vital to their success, and Coach Longinotti has several plans in place to make sure the team grows and bonds as a unit. Building trust between players and coaches is one of her main priorities, as she believes that when players trust each other, they can play at their best. She also encourages players to take ownership of their roles on the team and to find their own motivation for the sport. As for Coach Longinotti's coaching style, she is not one to motivate by yelling. Instead, she focuses on understanding each player's strengths and weaknesses and helping them improve and play to their full potential. She also values trust and communication between players and coaches, as she believes it leads to a stronger team dynamic.