Girls Lacrosse
Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, January 1, 1970 at 12:01 PM
As the lacrosse season approaches, the Mira Costa girls' team, led by Coach Maddy Morrissey, is gearing up to make a statement in the Bay League. The team, comprised of a balanced mix of upperclassmen and talented freshmen, has set their sights on winning the Bay League and making it to Championship weekend, fully prepared to give their best effort. One standout player to watch this season is junior Kate Donnelley. Serving as the team's best midfielder, Donnelley possesses insane athleticism and exceptional leadership skills. Her ability to dominate on both ends of the field is expected to be a key factor in the team's overall success. Another notable player is junior Lizzie Witherell, renowned for her scrappy play and proficiency in securing ground balls. Witherell's determination and hard work make her an integral part of the team's defensive unit. Anticipation surrounds the growth of junior Bailey Brown, who is stepping up into a more significant leadership role this season. As the quarterback of the team's offense, Brown's leadership and strategic plays are anticipated to be pivotal in the team's success. On the defensive end, senior Jillian Rodrigues is expected to stand out as the anchor of the team's defensive unit. Rodrigues brings focus and poise to the field, with her strong work ethic and dedication making her an invaluable player for the team. The team's lineup also features three impressive freshmen eager to make a name for themselves on the field. Piper Dalsemer, the team's rookie goalie, will be relied upon to protect the net with her quick reflexes and agile movements. Emma Barrows, a left-handed attacker, is expected to bring a unique skill set to the team's offense, while Peyton Malone, a midfielder, is anticipated to have a powerful impact on both ends of the field. In terms of leadership, the team has selected three seniors as captains: Margot Powell, Jillian Rodrigues, and Sophia Delino. Coach Morrissey notes that the girls were given full control of the captain selection process, and these three were chosen for their outstanding leadership qualities. Powell, a senior defender, is known for her positivity and vocal leadership on the field. Her ability to rally the team and keep spirits high is considered essential to the team's chemistry. Rodrigues, who also serves as a captain, leads by example with her strong work ethic and dedication to the game.