Boomer Elmsdale
Sat, February 17, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
We are very excited to kick off this season and see what our team can accomplish. With a mix of experienced upperclassmen and talented freshmen, our goal is to work towards peak performance by April and make it to the Championship weekend. We have some key returning players from last season, including junior midfielder Kate Donnelley with her amazing athleticism and leadership skills, junior defender Lizzie Witherell who dominates on the ground balls, junior attacker Bailey Brown who is the quarterback of our offense, and senior defender Jillian Rodrigues who anchors our defensive unit. But we also have some new faces who we believe will make an immediate impact on the team. Freshman goalie Piper Dalsemer, freshman lefty attacker Emma Barrows, and freshman midfielder Peyton Malone have all shown great potential and we are excited to see how they contribute to the team's success. As for team chemistry and camaraderie, we believe in letting our players handle the captain choosing process. This year, our three captains are seniors Margot Powell, Jillian Rodrigues, and Sophia Delino. They all bring unique qualities to the team and their leadership skills will be crucial in bringing the team together. In terms of motivating our players, we emphasize the importance of pushing themselves to their full potential every day, in practice and in games. We encourage them to set personal goals and we work with them to achieve those goals. We also stress the importance of teamwork and supporting each other to reach the overall team goals. There have been some challenges in preparing for this season, especially with the ongoing pandemic. We have had to adjust our training and game schedules to comply with safety protocols, but our team has remained resilient and focused on the upcoming season. Speaking of the season, our schedule is filled with tough opponents such as Marlborough, Redondo, Mater Dei, San Clemente, St. Margaret’s, and even a team from Oregon. We are especially looking forward to our game against Marlborough, which we anticipate will be our toughest competition this season. As a coach, I always try to adapt and evolve my coaching style to fit the needs of the team. This season, I have focused on building a strong team culture and encouraging open communication among players. I believe this will not only improve their gameplay but also create a positive and supportive environment for the team. The mental aspect of the game is crucial for our team.