Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 10:02 AM
The Mission Hills High School Softball team is gearing up for a promising season this year, with a strong sense of unity and a determined goal of winning a CIF ring. As the team prepares for the season, we had the opportunity to speak with Coach Chad Franks about his thoughts on the team's key players, traditions, challenges, and goals. Coach Franks emphasized the team's overall goal for the year – to make a great run in CIF and hopefully bring home a championship ring. With this goal in mind, the team will need to maintain a high level of unity and purpose every day. As we know, chemistry and teamwork are vital to a team's success, and the Mission Hills Softball program puts great emphasis on these qualities. One of the team's exciting additions this year is senior transfer Abby Huhn, who will be joining the team from Carlsbad High School. Coach Franks notes that Abby's presence will make a significant impact on the team, especially in the circle. Her experience and skill will be crucial as she prepares to pitch for Iowa State next fall. When asked about team traditions, Coach Franks shared that the girls actively participate in various activities that foster team chemistry. One of their core beliefs is to always have each other's backs and remain vocal and supportive, even if they are not starting. This mentality creates a strong bond among the players, and knowing that their teammates are rooting for their success is essential for the team's overall unity. The Mission Hills Softball program has high expectations for its players, pushing them to reach their full potential and uphold a particular standard. Despite facing doubt in the past, the team remains determined and uses any negative perceptions as motivation to prove them wrong. This fighting spirit and confidence in their abilities will undoubtedly carry them far in the upcoming season. As with any sport, the team faces its set of challenges as they prepare for the season. Coach Franks mentions that the weather has been a significant hurdle, making it challenging to get out on the field. However, he has faith in his players and trusts that they are putting in the work necessary to prepare for the season, regardless of the obstacles. The Palomar League is known for its tough competition, and the Mission Hills Softball team is excited to face their rivals from San Marcos High School, as well as challenging games against teams like Otay Ranch, Bonita Vista, and Silverado from Las Vegas.