Varsity Softball
National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 13:03 PM
As the spring season approaches, all eyes are on the softball team at Monrovia High School. With a talented group of seniors, promising sophomores, and impressive freshmen, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this team. To get a closer look at what we can expect from Monrovia High School's softball team this year, we sat down with Coach Marcel Mayorga for a preview of the upcoming season. Experience is a key factor for Monrovia High School's softball team this year, with a heavy focus on senior leadership. According to Coach Mayorga, the team is "senior heavy" and with that comes plenty of experience. The team will be led by top returning seniors Kate Nelson, a shortstop and leadoff hitter, and Angelica Oseguera, a left-handed pitcher and four-year varsity player. Both players are committed to SF State, bringing a high level of skill and dedication to the team. But the senior leadership doesn't stop there. Jocelyn Rangel, a first baseman, is known for her big bat and will be a powerful force in the lineup. Second baseman Natalie Huelster brings a strong contact hitting game and led the team in RBIs last year. With such a strong core group of seniors, Monrovia High School has a solid foundation to build upon for the upcoming season. In addition to the experienced seniors, Monrovia High School also has a few talented sophomores who are expected to make a big impact. Madison Cardona, the team's third baseman, is known for her consistency both defensively and offensively. Mikki Ortega, an outfielder, brings quickness and a powerful bat to the lineup. And Macky Delgado, the team's starting catcher, is known for her strong defensive abilities. But it's not just the sophomores making an impact, as Coach Mayorga states that the team has "top freshman that can be used immediately." He highlights Mia Parker, an outfielder, and Mischa Lue-Long, another outfielder, for their quickness and strength. With such a strong freshman class, it is clear that Monrovia High School's softball program is in good hands for years to come.