Varsity Softball
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 09:02 AM
This year, the Monrovia High School softball team is ready to take on the challenge of making it to the playoffs and remaining competitive throughout the season. With a focus on staying healthy and growing as a team, Coach Marcel Mayorga has high hopes for this talented group of players. The team is comprised of several seasoned seniors, including Kate Nelson, who has committed to play at San Francisco State. Nelson is a versatile player, serving as both a shortstop and leadoff hitter. She brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team. Another top returning senior is Angelica Oseguera, a left-handed pitcher who has been on the varsity team for four years. Jocelyn Rangel, who plays first base, is known for her powerful hitting, while Natalie Huelster, the second baseman, excels at making contact and leading in RBIs. But it's not just the seniors who are valuable assets on this team. The top sophomores, Madison Cardona, Mikki Ortega, and Macky Delgado, bring their own unique skills to the field. Cardona, who plays at third base, is a consistent and reliable player both defensively and offensively. Ortega, an outfielder, is quick on her feet and has a strong batting ability. Delgado, the catcher, is praised for her strong defensive skills. Coach Mayorga also has two promising freshmen, Mia Parker and Mischa Lue-Long, who have the potential to make an immediate impact on the team. Both outfielders, they are fast and have impressive strength for their age. Furthermore, the team benefits from strong leadership from their senior captains, Kate Nelson and Marissa Polanco. These two players are committed, responsible, and serve as role models for their teammates. The team has been preparing for this season since the fall, and Coach Mayorga has made sure that the girls have acclimated to each other through several team bonding activities, such as breakfasts and dinners. In addition, proper communication has been established to hold the players accountable for their workouts and daily improvements. Every week, the team's progress is measured as a group. However, despite their strong potential and determination, the team still faces some challenges. As with any sport, injuries are always a concern. Coach Mayorga emphasizes the importance of keeping the team healthy and mentally tough, especially in such a competitive league.