National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 13:02 PM
Monte Vista High School: A Preview for the Upcoming Season As the start of the school year approaches, many high schools across the country are gearing up for their annual fall sports season. Among these schools is Monte Vista High School located in Danville, California. With a rich history of athletic excellence, Monte Vista is always a team to watch out for in various sports. This year, the team is ready to showcase their skills and abilities once again. To get an inside look at the upcoming season, we spoke to the head coach of Monte Vista, Mateo Miramontes. Q: What can fans expect from the Monte Vista High School team this year? Coach Mateo Miramontes (MM): This year, fans can expect a young and energetic team, ready to compete and give their best. We have a mix of returning players and new talents, which I believe will create a great dynamic on the field. Q: How has the team been preparing for the upcoming season? MM: We have been practicing hard all summer, focusing on fitness and conditioning, as well as skills and techniques. Our players have also been attending various camps and clinics to further enhance their abilities. We are leaving no stone unturned in our preparation for the season. Q: Can you tell us about some of the key returning players on the team? MM: We have a solid group of returning players, including our senior captain, Emily Ramirez. She is a very versatile player, who can play both offense and defense with equal proficiency. We also have our junior midfielder, Noah Johnson, who is an excellent playmaker and has a great understanding of the game. Q: How about some of the new players on the team? MM: We have a promising group of freshmen joining us this year. One player to look out for is Ava Jackson. She is a natural goal scorer and has been impressing everyone in our pre-season practice with her skills. We also have a couple of transfer students who have joined our team this year and have added some much-needed depth and talent. Q: What are the team's goals for this year? MM: Our goal is always to win the league and make it to the playoffs. However, this year, our primary focus is on team building and creating a strong foundation for the future. We want to develop a cohesive unit that will continue to excel in the years to come.