Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 05:03 AM . California
As we look ahead to the upcoming season, Head Coach David Whitsett has high hopes and expectations for the team at Monterey Trail High School. With a focus on winning the League title, Coach Whitsett believes that success for the team this season will be dependent on strong defense and getting new players familiar with the system. One of the biggest strengths for the team this year will be the top returning players from last season. Aaliyah Youngblood, also known as “Ghetti,” is a crafty guard with a wiry frame who knows how to find her way to the basket. Aaliyah Knox, nicknamed “AK,” is a smooth operator with one of the best jumpers and is a physical force when driving to the basket. These returning players will bring valuable experience and leadership to the team. In addition to the returning players, the team also has the addition of the Wilson twins, Alia and Sydney. With a championship pedigree and a fierce mentality on the court, these twins are expected to make an immediate impact on the team. When it comes to selecting team captains, Coach Whitsett values hard work and experience. Typically, seniors are chosen as captains due to their dedication and commitment to the program over the past three years. To build team chemistry and camaraderie, the team participates in team bonding activities every year. Additionally, each player is tasked with learning something special about each of their teammates. This helps to create a deeper understanding and connection between the players, ultimately leading to a stronger team dynamic. To push the players to their full potential, Coach Whitsett works individually with each player, setting goals and motivating them to achieve their personal best. One of the biggest challenges in preparing for this season has been getting everyone to understand their roles on the team. With new players and returning players taking on different roles, it can be a difficult adjustment. However, Coach Whitsett is confident that with time and practice, the players will become more comfortable in their roles. The team's schedule for this season includes games against tough opponents like McClatchy, Oak Ridge, and Antelope. These games will provide an opportunity for the team to test their skills and measure their progress against top-ranked teams. Coach Whitsett’s coaching style has not changed much from previous seasons. However, he has adjusted his strategies and plays to fit the new players and create a more aggressive approach to the game. Mental toughness is a key aspect of the team’s gameplay.