Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, March 26, 2024 at 02:03 AM . California
As Coach Roy Borgerson gears up for the upcoming season with Moreno Valley High School's baseball team, there's an air of optimism and determination to turn things around from the previous year. With a focus on rebuilding and instilling confidence in his players, Borgerson sets his sights on achieving success through unity, hard work, and a commitment to the process. Last season might have been challenging, but Borgerson's goals for the team this year are clear: to rebound and showcase the true potential of his players on the field. He emphasizes the importance of self-belief and buying into the team's vision as key factors for success. For Borgerson, it's not just about winning games but about helping his players realize their capabilities and translating that onto the field. Highlighting the top returning players from last season, Borgerson acknowledges the leadership and talent of seniors like Anthony Robles, Cristian Gamez, Christian Rubi, and Raymond Ramirez. These players bring not only skill but also respect and leadership to the team, qualities that are invaluable in guiding their younger teammates. But it's not just the returning players who will make an impact. Borgerson has his eye on newcomers like Cash Logan, JJ Vazquez, Esamuel Jaramillo, and Elias Zendejas, who he believes will immediately contribute to the team's success with their skills and leadership qualities. When it comes to selecting team captains, Borgerson looks for integrity, commitment, positivity, and a strong work ethic. Players like JJ Vazquez and Elias Zendejas exemplify these qualities and are likely to take on leadership roles within the team. Building team chemistry and camaraderie is essential for Borgerson, and he plans to achieve this through consistency, a new team culture, accountability, and an open-door policy. By fostering a supportive environment, Borgerson aims to motivate his players to push themselves to their full potential, emphasizing positivity, fun, and accountability. Preparing for the season hasn't been without its challenges, particularly in overcoming the disappointments of the previous year and establishing a new team culture. However, Borgerson is confident that with the right mindset and approach, his team can overcome any obstacles they may face. As for the team's schedule, Borgerson is eager for league games, seeing them as an opportunity to prove Moreno Valley's competitiveness and strength as a program. Reflecting on his coaching style, Borgerson admits to being more disciplined and less emotionally driven this season. While it's been an adjustment, he believes it's necessary for the team's growth and development. Mental toughness is crucial for Borgerson's young team, and he stresses the importance of maintaining focus and a positive attitude, especially during challenging moments on the field. In terms of training and conditioning, Borgerson has introduced new drills and ideas, emphasizing team bonding and reinforcing the team's culture and philosophy. Identifying strengths such as speed, trust, and camaraderie, Borgerson plans to build on these while addressing weaknesses like consistency and hunger. Keeping things fun yet focused is key to maintaining the team's momentum throughout the season. Borgerson's coaching philosophy revolves around unity, teamwork, brotherhood, and humility, values that are evident in his team's gameplay and interactions both on and off the field. Looking ahead, Borgerson plans to utilize the team's speed as a strategic advantage, while emphasizing the importance of communication on the field for success. Balancing academics and sports is a priority for Borgerson, who ensures that his players prioritize their studies while staying connected with their teachers to monitor their progress. To fans and supporters of Moreno Valley High School's baseball team, Borgerson extends an invitation to witness the team's exciting and defensive-minded gameplay. With a renewed sense of purpose and unity, the team is ready to make their mark on the upcoming season.