Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:04 PM
As the school year begins, anticipation and excitement are building for the New Franklin High School baseball team. With a strong group of seniors leading the way, Coach Admin Admin is eager to see what this team can accomplish. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Coach Admin Admin to get his thoughts on the upcoming season and what makes this team special. When asked about the overall goals for the team, Coach Admin Admin emphasized the importance of working hard and being present every day in order to put themselves in a position to succeed. This mindset of putting in the work and taking things one day at a time is crucial for a successful season. One aspect that sets this year's team apart is the experience and chemistry among the seniors. Tanner Bishop, Drew Rhorer, Connor Wilmsmeyer, Luke Poulsen, Sawyer Felten, Dalton Ivy, and Jake Marshall have all had the opportunity to play and grow together over the years. This familiarity with each other's playing styles and abilities will undoubtedly be an advantage for the team on the field. When it comes to their opponents, Coach Admin Admin stresses the importance of treating every team equally and preparing for each one individually. The team competes in a strong baseball conference, so it is crucial for them to stay focused and take on each opponent with the same level of intensity. As a coach, Coach Admin Admin has evolved over the years, shifting from a more vocal and intense presence on the field to a more laid back and conversational approach. This change in style allows for better communication with the players and a more relaxed atmosphere during games. The mental aspect of the game is something that Coach Admin Admin and the team place great importance on. They emphasize the importance of mental toughness and work hard on reinforcing and practicing mental skills. This will certainly be a strength for the team as they face challenges throughout the season. When asked about the team's strengths and weaknesses, Coach Admin Admin highlighted their pitching depth and overall experience as areas of strength. This experienced lineup also has the potential to provide depth in their batting order. However, Coach Admin Admin also recognizes the need to improve hitting with runners in scoring position and limiting free bases. These will be key areas for the team to focus on and improve upon in order to achieve their goals. The team's three basic rules, "Be a team, be the most excited to play, and be the best at doing your job," reflect their collective mindset and approach to the game.