Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:03 PM
A Preview of the 2020 Newton High School Baseball Team As the spring season approaches, the Newton High School baseball team is gearing up for an exciting and challenging year. With a team goal to compete for a conference title and qualify for the state tournament, this talented group of players is eager to hit the field and make their mark. The team is lead by an experienced and dedicated group of players, including Justin Zerger, Colby Gomez, Dellen Claassen, Mike Seirer, Blaze Bradshaw, Ian Baker, Carson Wharton, and Tyler Franz. These athletes have all been two-year letter winners and are determined to bring their skills and leadership to the upcoming season. In addition, returning letter winners Ian, Carson, Kale and Mike will also play key roles on and off the field. However, the team is not just comprised of veterans. Coach Admin Admin has also added new depth to the team with the addition of Taylor Rickard and Cody Jay on the pitching staff, Cooper Perkins in the infield, and Nate Barron, Brayden Fox, and Austin Aarons in the outfield. This mix of experienced players and promising new talent is sure to provide an exciting and dynamic team for fans to watch. But what makes this team stand out? When asked about what qualities he looks for in his players, Coach Admin Admin emphasizes the importance of embodying the core values of the program. This includes having a positive attitude, commitment to the team, and giving their best effort on and off the field. It also includes a willingness to serve others before themselves, creating a cohesive and selfless team dynamic. Coach Admin Admin has also taken a more collaborative approach to leadership this season, inspired by the book "Blessings Through Leadership". This has led to more team meetings focused on open and respectful dialogue, rather than a coach-dominated conversation. Along with teaching and reinforcing core values, the team also relies on data-driven dialogue and individual conversations to drive their efforts and improvement. Replacing a varsity coach for the second year in a row has presented a challenge for the team, but Coach Admin Admin sees this as an opportunity for growth. This has allowed him to bring in a fourth assistant coach to serve as a bench coach, providing valuable support and perspective for the team. Coach Admin Admin now sees this as a luxury and feels it will only benefit the team in the long run. The team will also face a challenging schedule, with 26 games on the agenda.