Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 12:02 PM
The Newton High School baseball team is gearing up for a promising season, with their eyes set on competing for a conference title and qualifying for the state tournament. As Coach Mark George shares his thoughts and insights on the team's strengths, weaknesses and goals for the upcoming season, fans and supporters can't help but feel excited and optimistic about the team's prospects. One of the major strengths of the team this year is the group of returning players who have proven themselves to be valuable assets. Justin Zerger, Colby Gomez, Dellen Claassen, Mike Seirer, Blaze Bradshaw, Ian Baker, Carson Wharton, and Tyler Franz are all returning members of the team, with some having two years of experience under their belt. These players have shown dedication and commitment, making them special and essential to the team's success. However, it's not just about the returning players. Coach George also highlights the potential impact of new additions to the team like Taylor Rickard, Cody Jay, Cooper Perkins, Nate Barron, Brayden Fox, and Austin Aarons. These new players will add depth and strengthen the team's roster, making them a force to be reckoned with on the field. When it comes to potential team captains, Coach George looks for players who embody the core values of the program. These include having a positive attitude, strong commitment, and putting in the effort to serve others before themselves. The coaches believe that these qualities are important for building team chemistry and camaraderie, which will be vital for the team's success this season. In terms of motivation, Coach George believes in utilizing data-driven dialogue and direct individual conversations. Rather than relying on his feelings, he focuses on observable behaviors and data to drive the team's efforts. He also encourages players to push themselves to their full potential by building professional relationships with them based on the program's core values. However, the team has faced some challenges in preparing for this season. With the replacement of a varsity coach for the second consecutive year, there have been opportunities for growth and development within the team. As Coach George puts it, these challenges are also opportunities. The team is working hard to overcome these obstacles and come out stronger than ever. As for their schedule, the team is set to play 26 games this season, including matchups against tough opponents like Maize, Maize South, and Derby.