Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Sat, February 17, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
As the new season for Notre Dame High School's track and field team approaches, Head Coach Dustin Le has high hopes for the team's performance. With years of coaching experience and a strong passion for track and field, Coach Le has a clear vision for the team's goals and the keys to success. The overall goal for the team this season is to win the league championship and have at least 10 athletes qualify for the CIF championships. Coach Le believes that the key to achieving this goal is for the athletes to have their own motivation and understanding of their "why." He also emphasizes the importance of self-belief and confidence in one's abilities. Leading the team this year are top returning athletes, senior Narcisse Batantu and Deon Jordan. Both athletes have already made significant achievements in their respective events, with Batantu breaking a school record in long jump and Jordan having one of the fastest 100m times in California. On the women's side, sophomores Flor Castanon and Sara Sanchez are expected to lead the way, with Castanon excelling in the 800m and 1600m and Sanchez being a key member of the 400m and 4x400m relay team. Coach Le notes that what sets these four athletes apart is their attention to detail, focus, and constant drive for improvement. The team also has a promising group of new athletes who are expected to make an immediate impact. On the women's side, Emalyssa Machuca and Sydney Cramer are two individuals to watch out for, while Diego Sanchez, Shad Carrasco, and Kaden Tennyson are expected to make waves on the men's team. In terms of leadership, Coach Le looks for qualities that align with the program's values and goals, including the ability to bring the team together, uplift and motivate others, and constantly strive for excellence. Among the athletes on the team, captains Sara Sanchez, Flor Castanon, Arely Arena, Deon Jordan, Narcisse Batantu, and Pablo Puma possess these qualities and serve as role models for their teammates. Team chemistry and camaraderie are essential for any successful team, and Coach Le has planned for off-week team bonding activities to foster a strong sense of unity within the team. As for motivation, Coach Le stresses the importance of knowing one's "why," and he uses elements of sport psychology to motivate his athletes to reach their full potential.