California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 15:30 PM
Oak Grove High School's wrestling team, led by Coach Admin Admin, is gearing up for an exciting season filled with potential and determination. The team may have faced some challenges in the past, but this year's group of wrestlers are determined to make Oak Grove a competitive squad once again. Coach Admin's overall goal for the team this season is to establish a strong team and bring back Oak Grove's wrestling reputation. He plans to accomplish this by easing the wrestlers into the sport and not overwhelming them. With only a handful of returners and wrestlers with previous experience, Coach Admin understands the importance of patience in building the team's foundation. One of the key factors to the team's success this season will be the top returning players from last year: Isaac Achica, Manpreet Jassi, Godience Kaba, Diego Rico Plascencia, and Pirinh Tran. Despite their lack of experience, these players have shown determination and hard work in consistently improving themselves. That drive and determination make them special and valuable assets to the team. In addition to the returning players, Coach Admin also believes that new wrestlers, Rule Lozano, Omar Ortega, and Huy Tran, will make an immediate impact on the team. These young talents show great potential and are expected to be leaders of the program in the future. When it comes to team chemistry and camaraderie, Coach Admin believes in being honest with his players. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork and patience in their development. He also values communication and support within the team, with team manager Anaseini "Jane" Kupu playing a vital role in keeping the team organized and motivated. Motivating his players to reach their full potential, Coach Admin draws inspiration from the old school methods of hardnosed direction with a new school twist of positive reassurance. He also believes in leading by example and encourages his players to do the same. With his corny yet effective training methods, Coach Admin is determined to bring out the best in his players. The biggest challenge for Coach Admin this season is inexperience. This is his first full year running the program, and he is still learning the ins and outs of paperwork, certifications, and tournament enrollments. However, his honesty and determination to improve the team have helped in gaining the wrestlers' trust and confidence. The team's schedule may be filled with tough opponents, but Coach Admin believes that every match and tournament will be a learning experience for the team. He is looking forward to seeing how