Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:36 PM
Oskaloosa High School is gearing up for an exciting season as they aim to take home the conference championship and qualify for the state tournament. Led by coach Trenten VanHoutan, the team is working hard to build upon their past successes and elevate their game to new heights. In this preview article, Coach Admin Admin shares insights on the team's key players, challenges, and expectations for the upcoming season. Pitcher Trenten VanHoutan is set to be a major asset for Oskaloosa High School this year. The talented senior was recognized as an All-Legacy and Honorable Mention All-State pitcher last season, boasting an impressive record of 8 wins and 78 strikeouts with a 2.5 ERA. His experience and consistency on the mound will be crucial in securing important wins for the team. Backing him up is catcher Barrett Heston, who also earned All-Legacy and Honorable Mention All-State honors. Heston's strong batting average of .364 and impressive offensive stats of 24 hits and 17 RBIs make him a valuable player to watch this season. Along with VanHoutan, he forms a powerful duo that will be tough for any opponent to beat. Joining them in the ranks of All-Legacy and Honorable Mention All-State players is outfielder Gunner Rockhold. The junior contributes to the team's batting prowess with his .334 batting average, 22 hits, and 1 home run with 19 RBIs. His strong defensive skills in the outfield will also be an asset to the team's success. Another key player for Oskaloosa High School is Coy Perry, who was recognized as HM All-Legacy and HM All-State at third base. With a batting average of .403 and impressive offensive numbers of 25 hits, 2 home runs, and 19 RBIs, Perry will be a vital piece of the team's batting lineup. Aside from these established players, Coach Admin Admin also has his eyes on several young and promising athletes who are set to make an impact this season. These include sophomore Hunter Miller, senior Jesse Phillips, senior Nick Bradshaw, and junior Carter Subleka. Their talents, along with the guidance of the experienced players, will be key to the team's success in the upcoming season. As the team prepares for a challenging season, Coach Admin Admin acknowledges the need to start early and play more games.