Boomer Elmsdale
Mon, February 26, 2024 at 02:02 AM . California
So my message is going to be look, we can get to the playoffs. We can win that playing game can play CCS playoffs. We can win a league share a league championship, and we can go out and go make history. And do something that hasn't been done before, and do it all together as a community, as a family. Let's let's make this season special and memorable. Not only for us, but for everyone who supports us and believes in us. Let's make Overfelt High School baseball a name to remember. So I would love to thank our fans, supporters, parents, and community for their unwavering support and dedication to our program. The energy and enthusiasm they bring to each game motivates our players to do their best and represent Overfelt High School with pride. Our goal as a team this season is to win the league and make it to the CCS playoffs. The way our league is structured, we have to finish first in our league and then we have a playing game against the division above us. This means we have to be the best in our division to have a chance at the playoffs, and for us, that means winning our playing game on March 10th. Every aspect of our training and preparation is leading us towards that day. We have to trust our process and give our all in order to be successful. One of the key elements for our success this season will be our defense. We have a strong offense with a sophomore pitcher who has gained more confidence and experience from his freshman year. We have a mix of juniors, seniors, and a few sophomores who are now stepping up as leaders and veterans on the team. Our motto for the season is "quality over quantity" as we have a smaller team than last year, and we are focusing all our efforts on improving the quality of our program. In order to build team chemistry and camaraderie, we have started our off-season training program in August. This allows our players to get to know each other better and build relationships before the official start of the season in January. As an on-campus coach, I have the opportunity to meet with the players regularly and develop that one-on-one connection with each of them. We also do team activities and encourage our players to get to know each other outside of the field. Our program has a strong sense of family and community, which makes it easier for everyone to bond and work together towards our common goal.