National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 14:24 PM
As the spring sports season approaches, we are all eager to see what the Paraclete baseball team has in store for us. After a year of uncertainty and setbacks due to the pandemic, Coach Jason Gorman is determined to lead his team to success. With the goal of making it to the playoffs, the team is focused on improving their efficiency on the mound and limiting walks. Let's take a closer look at the players and strategies that Coach Gorman believes will lead the Paraclete team to victory this year. First, we have pitcher Anthony Camas, who Coach Gorman describes as having "great tempo on the mound." With the ability to locate his pitches well and a strong mix of pitches, Camas will be a key player on the mound for Paraclete this season. Next up is CJ Vasquez, who brings power to all fields. With a strong bat, Vasquez will be a threat at the plate for opposing teams. Meanwhile, Jaden Pieters will bring energy and a strong arm to the outfield, making crucial plays for the team. And it would be remiss not to mention Cayden Cincis, who Coach Gorman believes has "next level stuff" on the mound when he is able to command the strike zone. Moving to the outfield, we have Armando Saucedo who is known for his agility and versatility. Whether it's making catches in the outfield or stepping up to the plate, Saucedo will be an asset to the team. Mason Jacobo, an underclassman, is fearless at the plate and has great bat to ball skills. Additionally, he has displayed electric stuff on the mound and has a live arm. Alongside them is Antonio Longobardi, who Coach Gorman praises for his strong defense at shortstop and pop at the plate despite his smaller frame. Longobardi is also known as a hardworking and dedicated player, who grinds every day to improve his skills. But what truly sets this team apart is their leadership and team culture. Coach Gorman emphasizes the importance of a player who leads by example every day and holds his teammates accountable for the team goals. This kind of leadership creates a culture that fosters not just individual success, but also team success. The team also understands the importance of working together and creating competition within the team to push each other to be their best selves.