Boomer Elmsdale
Sat, February 17, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
As the new season begins for Paraclete High School's baseball team, Coach Jason Gorman is determined to lead his team to success. His overall goal for the team this season is to make it to the playoffs. The key to achieving this goal, according to Coach Gorman, is to be efficient on the mound, limit walks and make routine plays behind their pitching staff. He also emphasizes the importance of sticking to offensive strategies and executing them in every game. There are several returning players from last season who are expected to have a significant impact on the team's success. Anthony Camas is known for his great tempo on the mound and ability to locate pitches. CJ Vasquez is a power hitter with the ability to hit to all fields, while Jaden Pieters brings great energy and a strong arm to the outfield. Cayden Cincis is noted for his impressive pitching skills and is expected to be a key player for the team when he commands the strike zone. Coach Gorman is also excited about the new players on the team who he believes will make an immediate impact. Armando Saucedo is praised for his agility in the outfield, balanced hitting and potential as a pitcher. Mason Jacobo is a fearless player at the plate and has a strong arm on the mound, while Antonio Longobardi impresses with his quick feet and strong arm at shortstop, as well as his dedication to consistently improving his skills. Leadership and team dynamics are essential for a successful season, and Coach Gorman values qualities of players who lead by example, hold their teammates accountable to team goals, and make everyone around them better. This season, the team captains are still being decided, but Coach Gorman is looking for players who embody these qualities. Creating a culture of team chemistry and camaraderie is crucial for any team's success. Coach Gorman plans on fostering this environment by emphasizing the concept of "together we can." He believes by instilling this mindset, the team will be able to work together and push each other towards their goals. One of the biggest challenges in preparing for this season has been getting the team physically and mentally prepared after the long break due to the pandemic. Coach Gorman is determined to make sure the team is firing on all cylinders and is committed to their training and conditioning program to improve their rotational speed and power. The team's schedule this season is tough, with a competitive league lineup.