National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 11:42 AM
As the new season approaches, anticipation and excitement are building for the Paramount High School softball team. Fans eagerly await to see how their team will perform this year, hoping for a stronger finish than the previous season. To give us a better understanding of what to expect, we spoke with Coach Rocky Colenzo about the team's dynamics, training efforts, and goals for the upcoming season. When asked about his goals for the team this year, Coach Colenzo shared, "Our main goal is to finish better than we did last year." This statement shows determination and a drive to improve upon the previous season's performance. It also sets a clear and attainable goal for the team to work towards. Coach Colenzo also mentioned some players to keep an eye on this year. One of them is Jazmin Mchenry, a standout player known for her outstanding defense and strong left-handed batting. Her skills and dedication on the field make her a valuable asset to the team. Another promising player on the roster this year is freshman Leah Magana. Coach Colenzo describes her as a strong utility player, meaning she can play multiple positions with equal skill. This versatility makes her an invaluable addition to the team and adds depth to their lineup. When asked about team captains, Coach Colenzo explained that the team does not have any. Instead, they focus on team collaboration and building a strong sense of unity among the players. He also shared that they do a lot of team-building activities outside of school to strengthen their bond. In addition to team building, Coach Colenzo also emphasized the importance of keeping up with other schools in their conference. He shared, "I love reading newspaper articles about other schools in our conference who are getting headlines." This shows a desire to stay informed about their competition and use that knowledge to improve their own performance. However, like all teams, the Paramount High School softball team has faced some challenges in their preparations for the upcoming season. Coach Colenzo mentioned that the weather has not been favorable, with a lot of rain limiting their practice time. But this has not discouraged the team, as they continue to work hard despite the setback. Coach Colenzo further shared that he always plans a tough preseason schedule, which helps push the team to their limits and prepare them for the regular season. This mindset of challenging themselves and stepping out of their comfort zone speaks to the team's determination and drive to improve.