Tue, February 20, 2024 at 09:02 AM . District of Columbia
As the new season approaches, many fans are eager to know what to expect from the Perception team this year. To answer this, we caught up with the team's coach, Digant Shah, and asked him about his outlook for this season. Coach Shah has been with Perception for five years and has seen the team's growth and development first-hand. In this exclusive interview, Coach Shah shares his insights on the top returning players, their keys to success, and their strategies for building team chemistry and camaraderie. One of the key factors in any successful team is having strong returning players. When asked about Perception's top returning players from last season, Coach Shah immediately mentions the team's captain, #5 Maggie Lam. Maggie, a senior, has been a crucial member of Perception for the past three years and has continuously improved each season. She is a versatile player, strong both offensively and defensively, and her leadership on and off the court is unquestionable. But it's not just Maggie who stands out as a top returning player for Perception this year. Coach Shah also mentions #23 Lily Chen and #17 Emily Wang, both seniors, as players who have shown tremendous growth and potential in the past seasons. Lily, who primarily plays as a middle blocker, has been working hard on her blocking and attacking skills, and Coach Shah expects her to be a key player in the frontcourt. Emily, on the other hand, has strengthened her fundamentals and has become a reliable setter for the team. What makes these returning players special, according to Coach Shah, is their dedication and work ethic. They have continuously invested their time and energy into improving their game, and this has translated into their performance on the court. They have also been strong leaders and role models for the newer players, creating a positive and competitive team culture. When asked about Perception's main goals for this season, Coach Shah responded with a clear and concise statement - "to continuously improve throughout the season and qualify for CCS playoffs." This goal reflects the team's commitment to the process and their determination to achieve a spot in the Central Coast Section playoffs, one of the most competitive high school volleyball tournaments in California. But what are the keys to success for Perception this year? Coach Shah emphasizes three crucial factors - trusting the process, trusting each other, and bringing energy each day. He believes that for the team to continuously improve, they must trust the process and focus on their individual and team growth rather than just results.