Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 12:02 PM . Kansas
In this upcoming season, the Pleasant Ridge High School baseball team is gearing up to create a culture of unity and excellence. Led by Coach Justin Green, the team has high expectations and aims for a successful and memorable season. Key returning players are senior pitcher Nate Herken, junior catcher Jack Maley, and junior first baseman Austin Green. These players have exceptional skills on the field and are natural leaders for the team. Additionally, senior Mason Ewert and senior Lucas Beying bring speed and versatility to the team in both the field and at bat. The team's goal is to foster a culture of unity and success, emphasizing a strong work ethic, team chemistry, execution, and player health. This mindset will be key to their success on the field and will be instilled through team building activities, mentorship programs, and establishing traditions. As the team looks to build on their strengths and improve any weaknesses, Coach Green's coaching philosophy plays a crucial role. His focus on total player development and blending skill enhancement with character building translates into a gameplay approach centered on fundamentals, strategic thinking, and a strong work ethic. In terms of team chemistry, Coach Green looks for players who not only perform well on the field but also embody the values and principles of the team. Captains for the team will be announced at a later date, and their role will be to represent the team and lead by example. The mental aspect of the game is also a top priority for the team. Coach Green believes that mental toughness, focus, and resilience are crucial for success in baseball. The team focuses on approaching each game with a positive mindset, adapting to various situations, and remaining composed under pressure. Off the field, the team also prioritizes academic success. Coach Green and his coaching staff work closely with teachers to monitor academic performance and provide support when needed. They emphasize the importance of balancing academics and sports, as both are crucial for their players' success. In terms of strategy for the upcoming season, the team will continue to focus on their strengths, which include cohesive teamwork and strong defense. But they also aim to enhance offensive consistency and pitching depth. To address any weaknesses, the team will focus on strategic hitting and situational awareness for offense, as well as developing a more diverse pitching roster. As the team set their sights on the upcoming season, Coach Green emphasizes the importance of communication. He believes that communication can make or break any team, and he keeps an open line of communication with his players.