Boomer Elmsdale
Mon, February 26, 2024 at 03:02 AM . California
And so, you know, if we can get there and get some breaks, we'll see what happens. But we would really, really appreciate a lot of fan support and and the kids appreciate it, and I appreciate it from you know, the school behind you. And if we start getting people in the stands, we'll play a couple of matches. Because when nobody's there we usually don't for a while, until we get real attitude in our dugout, and our team actually believes that we can win, which is kind of weird, but a lot of times they won't they don't believe that they can win until I guess they look at me. and I get fired up and do believe I can win when they see that, then we kind of get momentum in the game. But we need the first couple of people that show up or whoever shows up first. They need to start cheering. the kids like that, and once they do that, we'll kinda take over, and we'll we'll try to win every game that we can, and it should be a fun year. So please come out and check us out. As the start of another high school softball season approaches, the Poway High School team is gearing up for another exciting and competitive year. With a long-standing legacy of success, this year's team has a lot to live up to, but they are more than ready for the challenge. We had the opportunity to chat with Coach Jim Bennet about the team's goals, keys to success, team chemistry, motivation, and some potential tough opponents for this upcoming season. Here's what he had to say. When asked about the goals for this year's team, Coach Bennet shared that they have remained consistent throughout his 20+ years as head coach. These goals include winning 20 games, competing for a League title, and making a deep run in the highest division of CIF playoffs. The team has accomplished these goals consistently over the years, and although they may not always win, they always compete at the highest level. Coach Bennet stresses the importance of taking it one game at a time and not becoming fixated on one specific goal. When it comes to the keys to success for the team, Coach Bennet emphasizes the importance of playing the game the right way.