Boomer Elmsdale
Mon, February 19, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
Preview of the Providence High School Softball Team. The Providence High School Softball Team is gearing up for another successful season under the guidance of Coach Manny Travieso. With a winning culture and a strong team dynamic, this year's team is determined to repeat last year's undefeated league run and make a deep run in CIF. Coach Travieso's coaching philosophy revolves around continuous improvement and learning from mistakes. This mindset has translated into a strong and motivated team that is eager to push themselves to their full potential. The team's strength lies in its tight-knit camaraderie and their belief in each other's abilities. They go into every game with the mentality of giving their best and trust in their team to back them up. The top returning players from last season include Speedster Breanna Pelaez, who led the nation in stolen bases with 80. She will be looking to break her own record this year and will be a key player in leading the team's offensive attack. Along with Pelaez, there are 8 seniors on the team who bring experience and leadership to the field. In addition to the returning players, the team will also see the impact of new players such as pitchers Grace Workman and Olyvia Rutter, as well as junior catcher Delailah Lopez and senior Belen Benito. These players will complement the team's strengths and add depth to the roster. As for team captains, Coach Travieso believes in selecting players with good grades and a willingness to help their teammates. With such a tight-knit team, all the players could potentially take on the role of captain. The team's schedule for this season is filled with tough opponents, both in their league and in non-league games. Coach Travieso believes that playing against tougher opponents will help the team improve and prepare them for the challenges ahead. "We are excited about our 28 games. All the non-league teams we are playing are tough and in stronger divisions than us allowing us to get better," he says. Along with tough competition, the team also faces the challenge of unpredictable weather in California. Despite this, the team has been working hard in preparation for the season and focusing on field work and conditioning. One aspect that Coach Travieso places great emphasis on is the mental aspect of the game.