Boomer Elmsdale
Mon, February 19, 2024 at 02:02 AM . California
As the head coach of Redlands Adventist Academy's swim team, Coach Claire Moses has high hopes and aspirations for her team this season. With a focus on constant practice, team unity, and building strong relationships, she hopes to see her team place in the top three in their league and have many of her swimmers qualify for CIF's and potentially make it to CIF finals. Coach Moses has a strong core of returning players from last season, including Samuel Monterio-Gomes, Ethan Hill, and Jasmine Moses. These top swimmers bring a combination of talent, hard work, and a positive attitude to the team. Monterio-Gomes and Hill were part of the CIF relay team last year and have been consistently showing up to practice and supporting their teammates. Moses, the only female swimmer to make it to CIF's last year, not only brings her talent to the team but also helps guide her teammates through the process as she has previous experience on a swim team. Aside from the returning players, Coach Moses is also excited about new addition Anton Zivanovic. As a senior and experienced athlete, Zivanovic is expected to make a significant impact on the team and has a good chance of qualifying for states. His presence on the team is a much-needed boost for the team, and Coach Moses is confident that he will bring a new level of competitiveness and leadership. When it comes to selecting team captains, Coach Moses looks for players who possess qualities such as the ability to motivate, good sportsmanship, hard work, honesty, and respectfulness. This year, Anton and Samuel have been chosen as co-captains for the team. To foster team chemistry, Coach Moses emphasizes team bonding activities such as partner drills, games during practice, and cheering for each other during races. These activities not only bring the team closer together but also teach them to depend on and support each other during challenging practices and meets. When it comes to pushing her players to achieve their full potential, Coach Moses believes in individualized attention and finding ways to capitalize on each player's strengths. She motivates her players by talking about overcoming mental blocks and assuring them that she believes in them. She understands the importance of having a strong relationship with her players and strives to be a coach that they are willing to give their best for. As a full-time college student, one of the biggest challenges Coach Moses faces is time management.