Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
The Rialto High School softball team is gearing up for an exciting and promising season under the guidance of Coach Sydney McCarthy. After a successful off-season of training and conditioning, the team is ready to once again represent their school with pride and determination. When we asked Coach McCarthy about her overall goals for the team this season, she emphasized the importance of putting the ball in play and getting runners on base. She believes that communication on and off the field is crucial to their success. This includes not just between the players, but also with coaches, parents, and creating a safe and positive environment for everyone involved. The Knights have a strong group of returning players including standout defensive players Rylee Estrada and Natalie Pedroza, both starting pitchers for the varsity roster. Estrada also showcases her speed and tracking skills in the outfield when not on the mound, while Pedroza has shown significant improvement since her freshman year and is expected to have a strong senior season. Desiree Saldate and Samantha Artaza are the top two offensive players returning this season with impressive stats and a consistent presence in the 3, 4, and 5 spots in the lineup. However, the team also has some new additions, including freshmen Janelle Gomez and Brooklyn Gaytan, and junior Delilah Perez. Gomez is already making a name for herself with her hardworking and dedicated attitude, while Gaytan and Perez are versatile players who can excel in both the infield and outfield. Team chemistry and camaraderie are also key factors for the Knights’ success this season. Coach McCarthy has implemented a player and coach meeting prior to the winter break to discuss goals and expectations for the upcoming season. She believes that this year, the team building and communication are at an all-time high, with everyone on the same page and ready to give 110% on and off the field. Coach McCarthy’s coaching philosophy focuses not just on softball skills, but also on building better individuals. She prides herself on being able to relate to her players, and her main goal is for them to be the best versions of themselves both on and off the field. This includes teaching them important life skills such as communication, handling disagreements, and always giving their best effort in everything they do. The Knights’ schedule this season includes tough opponents such as Carter and Colton, both known for their strong hitting.