Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 07:03 AM . California
Coach Todd Chard has been the assistant coach for the Rubidoux High School baseball team for the past four years, and is now stepping into the role of head coach for the upcoming season. With a young team and a goal of rebuilding the program, Coach Chard has an optimistic and determined approach to this year’s baseball season. When asked about his overall goals for the team this season, Coach Chard emphasizes that their focus is on improving from last season’s performance and making it to the playoffs. However, he is aware of the youth of the team, with the majority of starters being freshmen and sophomores, and acknowledges that their main goal is to continue getting better as a team. With 15 eighth graders coming up next year, the team is laying the foundation for a young and talented team in the years to come. In terms of leadership, Coach Chard looks for maturity, responsibility, and the respect of their peers when selecting team captains. He emphasizes that leaders don’t necessarily have to be the best players, but they must have the ability to lead their teammates in the right direction and maintain a positive outlook. Coach Chard also believes in the importance of having a peer-to-peer support system, where players can lift each other up and keep each other motivated during the tough moments of the game. One aspect that Coach Chard believes is crucial to the success of the team is the mental aspect of the game. Over the summer and offseason, the team worked on the mental side of baseball, focusing on understanding when and how to make the right plays. He also mentions that the school’s motto, “win every day,” is something that is instilled in all sports programs, emphasizing the importance of not giving up in any situation. In terms of his coaching style, Coach Chard’s main focus is on rebuilding the program and encouraging players to join the team. With declining numbers in recent years, he is looking to grow the program and attract more students to join the team. He believes in recruiting players from within the school and also reaching out to students who may have transferred to other schools for sports programs. His goal is to create a strong and competitive team within the school. As a coach, Coach Chard strives to become a role model for his players and someone they can look up to both on and off the field.