Boomer Elmsdale
Sat, February 17, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
As the spring season approaches, excitement is building for the Sage Creek High School girls' lacrosse team. After a challenging season last year, the team is looking for redemption and has set high goals for the upcoming season. We had the opportunity to speak with Coach Bob Meder about his team and what fans can expect this season. The first question we asked Coach Meder was about the overall goals for the team this season. He stated that the team's goals are to improve every day and compete for the league championship as well as a DII CIF championship. The key to achieving these goals, according to Coach Meder, is gaining the girls' confidence as the new coach at Sage Creek and getting them all on board for the season. The success of a team often rests on the shoulders of its top players. When asked about the top returning players from last season, Coach Meder mentioned Izzy Welken, Briana Fuller, and Sofia Pascua. Izzy is the team's top attacker and will be relied on heavily to score goals. Briana, the center mid, is an all-around player with a specialty in winning draws. Sofia is the team's best defensive player who can also contribute on the offensive end. Aside from the returning players, Coach Meder also discussed a new addition to the team, freshman Chloe Barrett. Chloe has been selected for the All-American tournament this summer and is praised for her speed and stick-handling abilities. Coach Meder believes she will make an immediate impact on the team. Leadership and team chemistry are crucial for any successful team. When asked about the qualities he looks for in potential team captains, Coach Meder emphasized the importance of them being an extension of the coaching staff. He also mentioned that the captains should be able to keep their teammates motivated and help the younger players when needed. As for the current captains, Coach Meder did not reveal any specific names but did say that several players are battling for the role. Team chemistry and camaraderie are vital for success on the field. Coach Meder believes that they have already started building this through their winter strength and conditioning program. In addition, they will have weekly meetings and team building outings to continue to strengthen the team's bond. As for motivation, Coach Meder leads by example. Having had five years off from coaching, he feels reinvigorated and is approaching this season with high hopes and an open mind.