National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 12:24 PM
As the 2020 lacrosse season approaches, all eyes are on the San Clemente High School girl's team. After an impressive 2019 season that saw the young team make a mark in the league and even make it to CIF Championship, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for what this year's team can accomplish. As fans, parents, and students eagerly await the season, we caught up with head coach Josh Cain to get a preview of his expectations and hopes for the upcoming season. One of the team's main goals this year is to build on the success of last season. With a majority of the team being sophomores last year, they were able to defy expectations and make a deep run in the playoffs. Coach Cain believes that with another year of experience and maturity, the team can take their success to the next level. The team will be led by junior Sofia Yeskulsky, the top scorer from last year, who has committed to play at Colorado University. Her twin sister, Charlotte, who was the team's second-highest scorer, will also be a key player for the team. Both sisters possess offensive abilities that make them almost impossible to defend. Along with the Yeskulsky sisters, senior Taylor Juncaj will also be a crucial player for the team. Her quickness and high lacrosse IQ make her a major threat on the offensive end. With the loss of key players from last year's graduating class, Coach Cain expects Juncaj to step up and fill the leadership void left behind. The addition of new players to the varsity team this year will also add depth to the squad. With the team being on the younger side, Coach Cain believes that the returning players will step up with more training and leadership. This year's team has a lot of potential and Coach Cain is confident that they will be able to reach their goals with the right mix of experience and new talent. When it comes to selecting team captains, Coach Cain looks for three qualities in a player: caring, courage, and consistency. These qualities are essential to creating a strong team dynamic and achieving success. As of now, the captains for the season have not been chosen, but Coach Cain will be looking closely at his players to see who embodies these qualities and can lead the team to victory. As with any sport, there are challenges that come with preparing for a new season.